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Waxing philosophic

Thought for the day:

“Poo cannot dance because it does not have feet. Wee does not have feet either. But, a train poo goes along the track. Interesting.”

Taken from A Postmodern Manifesto – The Collected Works of Devilboy – abridged version.

Genius really. Move over Heidegger, there’s a new philosopher in town.


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Hot Breakfast

‎”Mama, I don’t like Wiggle Bix, can I have Corn Flames for breakfast?”

Sure honey, once I work out what in the name of  fuck a Wiggle Bix actually is and find time to call Kellogs to ask when and where they plan on launching their first chilli flavoured breakfast cereal.

Alternately, you could eat some toast.

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All you zombies

Dad of Devilboy: “Did you have fun with mummy today?”

Devilboy:             “Actually, we killed Zombies with lasers.”

I think my husband may now be quite concerned with my parenting skills.

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